birth plan

Birth Plan

A birth plan is the plan you make for when your birth comes. It is the outline of what you want your baby’s birth day to look like!

I have a client who is wanting to meet to piece together her birth plan as she is expecting a c-section.

I love birth planning! It is so much fun to think and feel some sort of control over your labor. Labor is so unexpected and difficult. If you have a birth plan to fall back on when the nurse is asking if you want delayed cord clamping or if you want eye drops in baby’s eyes, they can instead relay to the birth plan!

It is good to make all parties aware of your birth plan… create one with your birth partner, your doula, your mom, and make sure your birthing team are all aware of your desires.

It is important to remember that birth plans are open to change and to always be flexible, that is the key to making your birth story memorable rather than stressful. Go with the flow, but have the main components written down and your voice heard!

Click here to see a great outline and how to write a birth plan! Copy and paste to your word documents and fill it out to your hearts content- edit, remove, or add anything to put your mind at ease.


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