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Hello there!

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend the DONA doula training at a local studio here in Nashville with Emily Shier who is an advanced certified doula.

The workshop began by jumping right in to the business side of things and how to bloom your business and grow. I loved getting to learn the intricate side of things to pair with my passion for helping women give birth. We were able to ask questions and determine if we wanted to be an LLC or a sole proprietor and how to make money and pay taxes! It was so cool and exactly what I was needing.

So now I am on my way to certify as a DONA birth doula. DONA is basically THE doula organization and is highly esteemed in the birthing world. I have been volunteering as a doula but am ready to take it to the next level and certify with such a wonderful organization to be a part of their birth doula family and offer the benefit of personal certification to my future clients.

As the workshop progressed we were able to practice some “signature moves” we plan to add to our birthing bag of tricks and was able to discuss any and all questions we had to local providers and a midwife as well as Emily who has been a doula for many years and was trained by Penny Simkin herself!!!

On the last day Emily went into “labor” and we were able to be her hands on doula which was such a great uplifting exercise. One of the most important things I took away was to laugh your way through labor, both for the birthing parent and for yourself. Birth really is a joyous time, and through the pain we can laugh and welcome new life into our world.

I will keep the blog updated as I go through the lengthy certification process of becoming a DONA certified doula!

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