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Formula Feeding

Every mother should have the right to choose which way to feed her baby- everyone knows breast is best due to antibodies and all the awesome nutrients that are transferred to baby from mama, but what if you can’t breastfeed or it is too difficult emotionally and you need to protect yourself? Thank the Lord for formula.

Babies are just fine on formula and a healthy, fed baby is ultimately what matters MOST.

If you need to formula feed here are a few benefits!

  • It gives you freedom. In a recent post I wrote I mentioned about how breastfeeding really was having to give up your selfish side and grow as a mother, though formula feeding will still test your emotions due to the need to feed every 2-3 hours it is not as demanding as physical body changes during breastfeeding.
  • It’s convenient. Just some powder and some water.
  • It is fortified to mimic breastmilk.
  • You know exactly how much your baby is intaking.
  • Anyone can feed baby.
  • Your baby may stay more full for longer- formula is slower to digest and breakdown than natural breastmilk so it takes longer for baby’s belly to empty.

Formula feeding when chosen or when necessary is a wonderful blessing. To have this choice is what is important, whatever helps you and your baby to bond and relax and find joy in the postpartum season is what is important.


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