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Happy Birth Day

A friend of mine recently gave birth to her first baby and I was so happy to be her doula!

The mommy to be was induced on a Monday night with Cytotec (pill inserted into the vagina to help dilate the cervix), and Tuesday morning her water broke and she was in labor! They started Pitocin to get things going but took it down soon after because she wanted to labor unmedicated and give birth completely drug free.

She called me at 6:30 Tuesday morning saying she was in extreme pain and away I flew!

When I got there I noticed she had been extremely efficient and had already used all unmedicated labor measures her hospital had to offer- she had the TENS unit, the heating pad, the birthing ball, the tennis balls for massage, everything. The hospital had pegged her as a c-section risk so she was unable to eat anything other than clear liquids. She had been coping well but in active labor she was beginning to spiral out of her rhythm due to the pain and the intensity of her contractions which were SO fast and furious! She never had any time to rest!

I suggested getting some apple juice in her, and to move to the birthing ball to rest and to give her partner a rest. She was breathing quickly but had a good rate and was breathing to the best of her ability but was saying her hands and feet were numb and she was having a hard time moving due to the pain. We put her on oxygen and did some hip squeezes and worked on the ball for a minute while the shower heated up.

I got my mama in the shower where she sat down on the shower bench and we turned on the shower handle/head and located the stream on her sacrum and moved it in circular motions. Within 15 minutes she wanted to change positions so I got her to kneel in the shower while I continued the shower stream in a circular pattern on her sacral area. Finally, she was able to rest. I could see the rest roll over her facial features as her eyes closed and I was prepared to stay there for a while.

All of a sudden she said she felt like she needed to have a bowel movement and she wanted to lay down… I wanted to see what the next contraction brought and as she was laying on the floor of the shower she suddenly exclaimed: “HE’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!”

I called for the nurse who quickly checked her cervix and said that the baby was definitely coming, so we moved to the bed (my mama wanted to give birth in the shower but the hospital wouldn’t let her) and everyone other than me, the on call OBGYN, and a few nurses were shooed out of the room.

I knew she wanted to give birth any way other than laying down so I encouraged her to give birth on her hands and knees and climbed up in the bed with her and held her tight. She was beginning to get nervous so I suggested we pray.

We started praying and with one mighty push she brought her baby boy weighing just a bit over 7lbs into this bright world.

I was SO proud to be a part of this moment and was given the immense gift of cutting his umbilical cord. To pray the little baby into this world and to see this mama give birth the way SHE WANTED TO was such a blessing.


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