Post Call

I am feeling post call syndrome. A hazy time of peace and of gratitude. I am also feeling expectant and ready for the next call date! Can anyone else relate to this?

Being able to help a mother in their most vulnerable time- a time when not only their baby is being born but the mother is being born too! It is a time of great change and expectancy and a time that leaves you breathless and exhausted.

There is no feeling like birth, and due to having a child of my own I understand what a mother feels like in that delivery room. It is a heart changing experience to have a baby, but also one that can be nurtured or buried.

To nurture that heart change one needs to encourage continuation of growth in this new season, and to embrace selflessness. Let selfishness die quickly, and let your wall down of anxiety and insecurity. When you do that (the sooner the better I have learned) then the sooner you become the mother your child needs you to be, and you become their whole world and them yours.

I want to touch on burial- to bury the heart changing experience (say due to trauma or an unexpected birth outcome) is to delay healing or to at least postpone it. It is an understandable thing to do, but something you need to circle back around to and allow grief to have its existence and its exit for your personal healing and betterment as well as your family’s.

Welcome sweet baby to this world and I know your mother will be exactly what you need and exactly what she needs. That is the joyful part of a birth, a bond unlike any other.

Overall, these thoughts roll through your mind after a birth. You feel all the feelings again, you understand the heartache and the joy on both sides, and you are thankful for new beginnings. This is how it feels post call- happy, grateful, and expectant. A time when you think of all the outcomes and all the possibilities and what the family is possibly doing now. At peace for the family and at peace myself.

To the new beginnings!

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