What is a Doula?

Doula is the Greek word meaning “woman’s servant” particularly during labor and childbirth and even postpartum. A Doula is a trained professional working alongside your OBGYN or Midwife to guide you in your pregnancy and birth story (and after birth) to be the best that you can and want to be. I am a cheerleader, an advocate, and a supporter of your desires and needs. Whether you have an unmedicated birth, an epidural with all the bells and whistles, or an emergency caesarean I am there to make sure you are informed, have a voice, and have someone to hold your hand (and your partner’s if need be!) all while being as comfortable as possible with the techniques I have learned to fit your personal needs.

Prenatal jitters? I can help. Labor pains? I can help. Lactation/formula questions or perineal care? I can help. A woman, for a woman so we can just be the mama.